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  • Can parents make surprise visits?

  • Is the tuition payment schedule manageable?

  • What is the procedure if an emergency happens? Are the parents notified immediately?

  • What safety measures are in place for emergencies such as fire or accidents?

  • Are there regular meetings between the parents and staff members?

  • Are there separate play and learning rooms for the different age groups?

  • Is the equipment safe, clean and inviting?

  • Observe the children currently enrolled to see if they interact positively with each other and the staff members.

  • Are the class, play and resting schedule appropriate?

  • Are the staff members able to manage their groups of children?

  • Is there a trained First Aid and infant CPR staff member onsite at all times?

  • How high is the staff turnover, and is this a stable environment?

Here are some important questions to ask yourself and the staff before choosing a Childcare Environment.